#TheLostTapes Series


#TheLostTapesSeries is a special offering of “Liberation & Education 2016″ presented by Independent Journalist, Ralph L. Crowder III, and the California based “Moor Black” Historical Society & Research Collection. It explores a variety of voices and events that shaped the development of America’s Black thought and experience Circa 1970 through the early 1980’s through rare unheard archived recordings.

Featured media workshops, panel & community discussions

LibEdfrancesCorrect-2October 30, 1977
Dr. Frances Cress Welsing, “Black Folk in the New Era”


LibEdstockleyCorrectApril 7, 1973
Stokley Carmichael, “Center for Inner City Studies”    


Lost Tapes LPalmerDecember 9, 1977
Lu Palmer, “Black Nationalism”


Lost Tapes MplsSummer 1975
Police Hearing, “Minneapolis Human Rights”            


LibEdjohnhclarkBarakaCorrectFebruary 15, 1975
John H. Clark, “Black History  & Black Leadership”


LibEdjohnjacksonApril 13, 1978
Professor John G. Jackson, “The Importance of History”