Independent Black Media & Public Access

Minneapolis Television Network   

August 20, 2015 Board Mtg

(Racial Discrimination Presentation)

MTN Board of Directors,

I am submitting via email my presentation for our group board delegation regarding the expressed issues of ongoing “discrimination” by the MTN Executive Director & Select Staff. Please note at the Board meeting, I made specific reference about the “unsafe environment” it has created for myself and some other black members/community who use MTN public access studios.

Due to that “unsafe environment” and personal experience of “racial discrimination,” I also requested the MTN Board direct the Executive Director and MTN Staff to have no personal conversation with me outside of their public role and responsibilities as MTN employees. (This statement was made verbally and submitted to the MTN board in the following document below at the 8/20/15 Meeting).

The linked audio conversation, (with an MTN staff member) happened two days after that board meeting while I was working in the edit area of MTN studios.

There are many problems happening as this is an obvious liability for MTN. I remain very concerned about the current “unsafe environment” created by the MTN Executive Director and select Staff. Black Members/Community who use the “Public Access” studios of MTN deserve much better!

For those who choose to respond to this communication, please Reply to All.  Thank You.  

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