MPR: #TheStateOfHipHop

Hip Hop, Race, Politics, & Public Airwaves

Freedom Radio documented a real view of some of the issues dealing with access to National Public Radio Airwaves for Black People. The selective appreciation of the cultural contribution of Black Artist and Hip Hop is centerpiece in the MPR/NPR Affiliate station hosted event entitled #TheStateofHipHop. The panel discussion and community conversation sparked a very interesting exchange of the contradictions of an intended #TheStateofHipHop celebration without Black Community participation. This video is a voice of urgent concerns relating to the ongoing themes of cultural exploitation. Watch and learn why Independent Media is essential when telling or representing the people’s journey in self or collective  dignity.

Click image below to access full statement read during press conference convened by Freedom Radio News & Culture Network Tuesday, March 24, 2014, prior to the “State of Hip Hop” panel discussion hosted by corporate media outlets Minnesota Public Radio, Twin Cities Public Television and The Current.

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