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Former Player Discusses Champion Youth Team & 1989 Minnesota Athletic Award Controversy


Forth in a series of interviews about the first AAU basketball team in the state of Minnesota. The McRae All-Stars traveled the country in the early to mid 1980′s and stood out as one of the best youth basketball teams in America. Juriad Hughes sits down with Independent Journalist Ralph L. Crowder III and talks about his hoop history in the city of Saint Paul, who really won Mr. Basketball in the year of 1989 and his travels with the McRae All-Stars ground breaking youth basketball program.

BlackFace: An Important Discussion For The Masses


Intro for a special news documentary feature on the Brandon Jacobs-Jenkings theater stage play that traveled the country years before the controversial hip hop battle between Drake & Pusha T. Jamil Jude walks viewers through a journey where black actors used the artistic expression of performing in blackface, telling a story of internal family struggles of black identity and class. A challenging use of social and political critique through the lens of theater asks multiple questions similar to other classic projects like Spike Lee’s movie “Bamboozled” & Little Brother’s “Minstrel Show” album.

Parent / Child Separation For Black Families is Historic Occurrence


A special archive news feature exploring the conditions of Black Children & Families who interact in the many forms of the nation’s child protection system. One father gives voice and passionate concern about his experience of having his son removed from parental care into an unjust legal process where many children become property of the state or government interest. A perspective on these issues and more took place in this 2010 interview at the Minnesota State Capital building.  A movement of  ”One Voice, One Story & One Father” seeking to end the forced separation between himself and his child.

Discussing Impact and Importance of the Original SuperFly Era


An excellent review and discussion of the movie SuperFly is a timely persepective on Gordon Parks Jr’s 1972 classic.  Independent Journalist Ralph L. Crowder III, sits down with DJ Stage One, Brother Kedar & Sonny Day exploring the many layers of the film’s subject matter and impact during an era of black political thought and afro hair styles.  Is the original movie and social commentary on street culture worthy to be considered one of the best films of it’s genre? Find out in this much needed discussion.

The McRae All-Stars: A Champion Basketball Movement Revisited

A series of interviews about The McRae All-Stars; the  first AAU basketball team in the state of Minnesota.  This revolutionary team traveled the country in the early to mid 1980′s and stood out as one of the best youth basketball teams in America.


Episode 1:  ”Ms. Reuben”

Carolyn Reuben (mother of 1988 Minnesota Mr. Basketball          Derek Reuben), sits down with Independent Journalist                      Ralph L. Crowder III on the beginning of this ground breaking youth basketball program.


Episode 2:  ”Derek Reuben”

Derek Reuben (1988 Minnesota Mr. Basketball), sits down with Independent Journalist Ralph L. Crowder III and talks about the legacy and importance of this ground breaking Twin Cities youth basketball program.

 Episode 3:  ”Mr. Sims”

Former University of Minnesota Gopher Charles Sims sits down with Independent Journalist Ralph L. Crowder III. Sims speaks about his coaching role with McRae and their ground breaking youth basketball program.

Shelved Timberwolves Article Published Independently

A recent article published by independent journalist                               Ralph L. Crowder III, whose subject matter was to understand the Minnesota Timberwolves team’s success with newly acquired black players in and around the state’s troubling profile regarding race. The article was completed in December (2017), and shelved due to creative differences, professional views and direction of perspective with the national media platform who requested writing services. This was a final draft of a completed article that has remained unpublished until now (5/11/18).  A Must WATCH for a one-of-kind look into the world of professional sports media!

 Download Print Version Here

Crowder 2011 Memphis Documentary Highlights Important #MLK50 Series

Independent Journalist Ralph L. Crowder III examines the city of Memphis and the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr’s influence on the historic marches at Clayborn Temple. Mother Georgia King feature interview reflects on her role and responsibilities being a front line soldier in the Memphis protest movement. She has advocated and fought for the people’s right to jobs, justice and housing before and after King’s tragic death at the Lorraine Motel in 1968.

#StoriesBehindTheBowl: Jimmy Fallon, White Management & The Roots

This installment of #StoriesBehindTheBowl explores the events and activities promoting Black Artist, Athletes & Culture. What is the importance of Black Media having access to our collective talent? How did this play out at the Jimmy Fallon Tonight Show tapping in Minneapolis? A needed critique and analysis with a series of Independent Audio Documentary installments recorded live on location at the 2018 Super Bowl in Minneapolis, MN.