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Crowder 2011 Memphis Documentary Highlights Important #MLK50 Series

Independent Journalist Ralph L. Crowder III examines the city of Memphis and the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr’s influence on the historic marches at Clayborn Temple. Mother Georgia King feature interview reflects on her role and responsibilities being a front line soldier in the Memphis protest movement. She has advocated and fought for the people’s right to jobs, justice and housing before and after King’s tragic death at the Lorraine Motel in 1968.

Film Screening Announced for 2013 Black Student March Documentary

Promotional clip for news documentary feature on black student led march at Hopkins High School in 2013. Minnesota’s suspension rates are well documented nationally as having a profound impact on targeted populations. The “Education Not Discrimination” march echoed themes of school safety and equality in America’s Public Schools but had no support from local or national corporate media.


April 20, 2018

Attend a special screening & discussion
observing the 5-Year Anniversary
of this groundbreaking student led march

Hosmer Library • 36th & 4th Ave. • South Minneapolis

2:00 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.

Radio Host Talks The Negro vs The African American With Filmmaker


KFAI radio show host Brenda Bell Brown welcomed producers Ralph L. Crowder III and Cindy Lewis to “Play for Me” to speak about Crowder’s educational seminar / documentary building workshop for his current film project “The Lost Negroes of North America.” Attention to concerns of youth matters and not “waiting” for resources was also topic of discussion.

“The Lost Negroes of North America” is a timely examination of history and story as it relates to the Black Family, independent economics, identity, ownership and more. The workshop and documentary center around a rare treasure of silent film footage bearing witness to a nearly forgotten black family and community life in south Minneapolis, nearby cities and beyond circa 1945-1954. Was the “Negro” more progressive than the “African American?

#StoriesBehindTheBowl: Jimmy Fallon, White Management & The Roots

This installment of #StoriesBehindTheBowl explores the events and activities promoting Black Artist, Athletes & Culture. What is the importance of Black Media having access to our collective talent? How did this play out at the Jimmy Fallon Tonight Show tapping in Minneapolis? A needed critique and analysis with a series of Independent Audio Documentary installments recorded live on location at the 2018 Super Bowl in Minneapolis, MN.


Daily Updates Thru Super Bowl Sunday • February 4, 2018 is the only place to find the #StoriesBehindTheBowl series.  An on-the-ground  independent journalist’s perspective of Sports & Blackness happening in and around the city of Minneapolis and state of Minnesota.  We’ll be shinning the light and heating up the deep freeze!


Independent Journalist Ralph L. Crowder III facilitates a powerful youth discussion for a weekly boys group based out of Richard Green Central park in South Minneapolis. Project F.E.E.D is a youth and community engagement program that uses media and documentary films to assist youth in critical thinking skills.